Jerry Kiely

Software Engineer


Computer Scientist, Software Engineer, Competition Programmer, Mathematician, and Entrepreneur with over 20 years experience building software for a broad variety of sectors. Experience in a wide variety of languages, frameworks, and technologies.

Work Experience

Technical Architect

Bionic | Jun 2020 – Present

Working on the next generation product (Optily) that integrates with third party ad / marketing service providers, and provides a way to optimize campaigns across providers. Have responsibility for the overall architecture. Designed and developed a suite of microservices that provided functionality that managed security, integration with providers, management of accounts, optimization of campaigns, recommendations, reporting, performance analytics, billing, and auditing of all activities. The backend implementation makes heavy use of Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Docker. The frontend makes heavy use of Angular.

Founder & Consultant

CowboySmall | Jun 2018 - Jun 2020

Working on a variety of projects - analytics, mobile, and others. Performed research in Python using Numpy, Pandas, SciPy, SciKit Learn, Keras, TensorFlow, etc. Implementation using a variety of frameworks including Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, the Netflix Cloud Stack, etc.

  • ServisBOT Researched chat-bot models (NLP / NLU) - Seq2Seq LSTM Models with Attention - and intent classification.
  • URM Group Researched extracting intelligence from metric data using analytics and classification models. Gave consultancy on cloud-native application migration.

Technical Architect

OCRex | Jan 2017 – Jun 2018

Researched classification models in Python using Numpy, Pandas, SciPy, SciKit Learn, Keras, TensorFlow, etc. Models would be exported from Python scripts as PMML and imported into classification microservices. Designed and developed the OCRex Pipeline – a suite of microservices that extracted, cleansed, and transformed the OCR documents, extracted observations from the cleansed documents, and classified observations as of a particular type. Implementation using a variety of frameworks including Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring XD, JPMML, VertX, the Netflix Cloud Stack, etc. It was containerized through Docker and deployed within Docker Swarm hosted within AWS.

Founder & Consultant

CowboySmall | Jul 2016 – Jan 2017

Implementation using a variety of frameworks including Spring Boot, Docker, Netflix Cloud Stack, etc.

  • Citi Gave consultancy on a major re-write of their Finance Engine – PF Billing, P&L, and Analytics. The backend system was comprised of a suite of microservices. The frontend was implemented using Angular 2. The system was hosted on a Cloud Foundry private cloud.


Loop 365 | Feb 2016 – Jul 2016

Loop 365 was an attempt at a disruptive B2B / B2C / C2C system that was designed to help businesses and people come into contact with each other. On top of the base system it provided a platform for developing services, and a simplified payment system. The plan was to have applications across many types of business domains - legal, catering, care, events, property management, and others. A basic loop account was also provided for users to allow them to maintain their identity, and their numerous profiles. The backend was comprised of a suite of microservices - using Spring Boot, VertX, Akka, Flask, Docker, Netflix Cloud Stack - Eureka, Zuul, etc. The client side was implemented using Angular 2 and Ionic. The system was hosted on AWS.

Founder & Consultant

CowboySmall | Jul 2011 – Feb 2016

Implementation using a variety of frameworks including Spring, JPA, Spark, Hadoop, etc. Developed using Java, Python, and Scala. Gave consultancy on implementing Agile best practices.

  • MasterCard Gave consultancy on a paperless / coinless payments system for laundrettes in NYC - the Manhattan area.
  • Accretive Researched ML approaches relating to anomaly / outlier detection and pattern matching. Gave consultancy on managing large volumes of real-time streaming metric data efficiently. Designed and developed the realtime modeling and analytics platform OBC - Optimal Business Control.
  • Ostia Solutions Designed and developed the IMC Collector application - an application that collected real-time metrics data from a variety of providers.
  • Brandtone Designed and developed the Brandtone IVR (Voice) application, the Brandtone SMS Manager (SMPP bridge) application, the Brandtone Adapter (non-SMPP bridge) application, and the Brandtone Rewards application.
  • Fujitsu Designed and developed the initial version of the RTOL domain model, the RTOL integration backend, and the RTOL external web app.
  • Citi Designed and developed the Mobile Collections System, a paperless system for tracking orders, deliveries, and payments.

Principal Engineer

Propylon | Jan 2010 – Jul 2011

Lead on the Legend Journal System project for the North Dakota State Legislature. The system was a Django based application, and made use of Propylon’s proprietary TPOZ backend which created documents via GASP, their custom ODT template generator. Developed productivity toolkits for Django. Developed scripts to automate the provisioning, configuration, and management of development, staging, and production environments. Helped to implement Agile best practices.

Founder & Consultant

CowboySmall | Nov 2006 – Jan 2010

Implementation using a variety of frameworks including Spring, JPA, Rails, etc. Developed using Java, Python, and Ruby. Gave consultancy on implementing Agile best practices.

  • System Dynamics Designed and developed the eVRT online taxation system for the Revenue Commissioners. Prototyped approaches to integration with legacy systems. Had responsibility of maintaining the Quality of the project.
  • Amartus Designed and developed the next generation RIA product.
  • Aran Technologies Prototyped an alternative to the Touchpoint Core product (the Collector) using Hadoop.
  • Kablingy Software Designed and developed the Alphalingo E-learning application.
  • O2 Communications Designed and developed the Fixed Broadband Billing System. Prototyped / implemented integration with wholesale providers. Developed client connectors for external systems to facilitate customer integration with the billing system.
  • LeCayla Technologies Worked on the core billing system. Researched and prototyped approaches to encrypting sensitive customer data.
  • BearingPoint Worked on the Pub/Sub framework - a framework for inter-agency asynchronous messaging. Lead engineer on the RASER2 / RRMTP Bridge - the first successful implementation of a RESTful inter-agency messaging system intended as the eventual successor to the existing Public Service Broker. Lead engineer on the Test Tool Suite - a framework for (load and stress) testing the PSB. Lead engineer on the Session Tracker Suite - a forensic tool used to track the progress of users as they traverse the PSB.

Senior Software Engineer

Netsure Telecom | Apr 2005 – Nov 2006

Lead engineer on the project to design and develop the next generation of Netsure’s product suite. Involved in research, prototyping, and mentoring. Helped to implement Agile best practices.

Senior Software Engineer

S1 Ireland | Oct 2003 – Apr 2005

Worked in general development and maintenance of S1’s Core Platform. Involved in research and prototyping of enhancements.

Senior Software Engineer

3Q Solutions | Feb 2002 – Oct 2003

Worked in general development and maintenance of the Wealthplanner application. Developed a toolkit for the rapid development of solutions for the financial planning domain.

Senior Software Engineer

Curam Software | Sep 2000 – Feb 2002

Worked in porting the existing Curam application from C++ to Java.

Software Engineer

NewWorld Commerce | Mar 1999 – Sep 2000

Worked in porting NewWorld Direct from ASP & COM to Java. Lead developer on the Guinness Hop Store project. Developed tools and libraries used across projects.

Software Engineer

Eircell | Mar 1998 – Mar 1999

Worked on the Customer Service Representative Intranet System.

Software Engineer

Newhaven Technology | Jun 1996 – Mar 1998

Worked on a number of bespoke web development projects for various clients.



Open Source

A simple tool for logging and profiling objects managed within a Spring container.


Open Source

A simple non-blocking socket server.


Open Source

A simple lightweight game engine.



Everyone needs reminders.



  • 2018 · The Parking Problem
  • 2004 · Context Aware J2ME Applications With AspectJ, an investigation


I have completed over 40 MOOCs in the last few years (Coursera, edX, Stanford, GWU, etc.) in a variety of fields including Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Data Science, and Economics, receiving statements of accomplishment, and distinction in most cases